What attracts young people to church?

I spoke with someone on Monday from a local church just down the road. They are having difficulties with their young people. He said, ‘Our youth are out of control and they are not interested in church’. They are so difficult and they hardly come to church. They say church is boring”. He carried on …. He said “Lui I have noticed the number of young people that come to your church, how do you attract them and how do you keep them excited for church? Wow!!… to be honest I didn’t really know what to say, it took me by surprise because it seems like normal to have so many young people at church. Anyway I had a brief chat with him. I came home and I emailed the young people in our church and I asked them to help me answer my friends questions.   life-church-youth-3

Here are some of the comments I’ve received so far:

  • How to attract youth – Besides been given it as ‘the vision’ for this house, so therefore God will make it happen and give strategy for it.

From the begining you keep saying it from the pulpit – that we value youth. A declaration in the house coupled with actions that reinforce it. By putting them into positions of responsibilty and then make that the norm. It becomes the norm of the house.

  • One of the main attraction is youth seeing other youth, youth leading in church and youth doing car parking and connecting. Everywhere you go there are youth so of course youth would be more drawn to the church. When you see people you can relate to e.g. age, race, speaks the same language, attend high school etc etc… you feel connected straight away
  • Also you always preach in a simple and practical way, not some prepared hard to follow and boring service. You also come across as a ‘approachable’ pastor, the kid/teen in you is real so young people feel comfortable and less threatened.
  • LifeGroups for youth also plays a major role, this is where the youth bond and build friendship.
  • Pastors funny not the traditional type of pastor to sit on his own High chair (“,)
  • Sermons are just a bow and arrow in our hearts, never know what to expect lol
  • I love that we are active and fun
  • Worship is Great
  • We catch up with the new beats
  • Everything’s Adventurous like our pastor
  • We young people are motivated because Life church value young people. We come cause we feel “valued”. Ministries within other churches are lead by much older people and the youth do their own thing.


  • At lifechuch we are not separated and we all work together our motivation to live for God is through the accountability of everyone.
  • I love it because being valued also means we are trusted. Our pastors trust us and encourages us all the time. Young people can never be excited about church if they do not have a close relationship with their leaders and pastors.
  • Our pastor appreciates every work we do. Most of our youth members come alone, some have no parents to force us to come to church. We come by choice because the spiritual feeding we receive is overwhelming, it relates to us and helps us live through this hard life we live. Our love for god always increases and part of the that is the foundation of a great church to belong in.
  • 1. Being Valued
  • 2. Being Trusted
  • 3. Having that close Relationship with our Leaders
  • I believe the attraction of young people in the church is a reflection on the teaching and “Vision” of the church.  One of the visions of the church is “Valuing young children/youth” by committing to raising, training and empowering and releasing a generation (young people) of leaders.  This is what I truly believe in and this is what I see – a passionate leader (pastor), who is real and likes to keep things real for us to understand, and is passionate about the youth and believes in them, and in return they also believe and are on fire for God.  You can see this by the young people taking the Praise and Worship Team, the sound equipment, the announcements,etc.  The focus is always about letting the young people have a say.  When we as young people see this, we feel excited and are on fire knowing that we have someone who believes in us, understands where we are coming from, and is not afraid to let us dream and worship God in how we as young people would love to. I hope my novel helps, but I’m excited just writing about how I see the young people perceiving the church and how they can be heard and are able to voice their opinions.  I think its AWESOME!….


  • When people ask me why I love going to church and why it excites my week its because of the culture and the environment the church holds.
  • My previous church, people were never excited about church because the surroundings were boring, no one was welcoming and it was tradtional-religion oriented.
  • As a young person still, church now (esp at lifechurch) attracts me by warm welcomes, friendly approaches and really connecting with me. That is why I think it attracts young people to church because the connecting, fellowshipping, draws them nearer not only to the church but God.
  • Communicate really well with Pastor Lui and Ane because they understand what the youth is going through right now. So what im trying to say is, church is filled with people who listen to people no matter what their background was like. We accept anybody.
  • We have a lifegroup set up with different age groups. We also invite them to bbqs or dinners so that we are not only a family within the church but outside of church. We fellowship in our lifegroups and try and connect and know each other by knowing our strengths and weakenesses.
  • Our youth is growing rapidly because we are not only about lifegroups and connecting. We have fun. We enjoy each others company and encourage each other without any lows. The most exciting thing about coming to church is the people. How we love God, love people and we differently enjoy life.



5 comments on “What attracts young people to church?

  1. Wow, what a dynamic, motivated group of young people. I’m doing some research on how to attract young people and families to church, and boy, is this valuable. You are blessed and doing God’s work. Best of everything to you. Brian from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, USA.

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  3. So many times churches make the mistake of thinking that the Youth are there to keep the seats warm, add to a “grwoing church” and to provide some kind of image that there are “good works” happening in the church. I guess first of all “seats” dont need warming, the hearts of our youth need the warmth!helps them know that they arent a lost generation but a found generation, that they are the history makers for the rite reasons, not the could of been’s, nor the would have been’s but the YES beings that God has called them to be. When you can validate a sense of worth within a young person you find that their heart is just so precious, that they know the potential inside them to do GREAT things is on the way. Each and every young person is destined for GREATNESS with whatever God has put inside them. The church and the influence the God gives us to let people know that He loves them is greater than we realise at times. If your young man or woman (in the making) can find security, love, trust, hope and faith within church and the people who are in it, then YES they are going to see Christ, they are going to serve Him, LOVE Him, and want a life of hanging out with Him. If God is wanting a deeper relationship with us “ADULTS” then our LORD is wanting a depper relationship with the Youth!! For God so loved the world (the youth, the children, the older generation….teh WORLD) that He gave his ONLY begotten Son….when we understand that our youth are the History Makers, they are the generation delivers for the gospel we will see a change of heart towards them, we will see that no longer are they seat warmers, but Holy Spirit filled dwellers!!!! You Rok LifeChurch because you see these things already. I look forward with expectancy because we will truly see our youth enter the GREATNESS God has for them!!!!

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